FRACTURED - short movie

as Harry Henson
Director: Neil Murphy
Minds Eye Films (premiered in February 2007 at the Cyprus International Film Festival, also shown at the 11th LA SHORTS FEST)


You can watch a short clip of "Fractured", featuring Damian O'Hare, on the website of director of photography Harris Charalambous.


"Fractured tells the story of Harry Henson who one afternoon wakes after being knocked unconsciousness in his garden shed. He has been beaten and left almost dead. He receives a video message on his email that tells him that his wife has been kidnapped by a unknown person. He has a short amount of time to find her and bring her back alive. On his journey to desperately find where his wife is, Harry begins to experience seeing and hearing things that begin to disturb him. His mind is letting him down, he has lost parts of his memory that are holding him back.

He meets a mysterious woman at the airport who agrees helps Harry to find his wife. But the closer Harry gets to finding the whereabouts of his wife the deeper he is entering a world where sometimes the truth is best left alone.

His mind is slowly beginning to fall apart as he starts to untangle the dark disturbing truth about what has actually happened…"

The movie was shot in Cyprus. A visitor on the set made the following comments:

"(...) When I arrived, Henson, played by Damien O’Hara, who made a short appearance in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, was getting ready to shoot a scene with Alexia Paraskeva; it was the point in the movie where he has discovered his wife is missing and begins his search. The performances by both actors were mind-blowing and extremely strong, nothing like a theatre performance because the moment the scene is finished, everything goes back to normal. (...)"

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