Documentary / Drama

as Thomas Andrews
Director: William Lyons
Granada Television / NDR (May 2005)


This documentary follows the lives of the men who designed and built the Titanic and her sister ship Olympic at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, showing the violence, political drama and financial pressures that affected those who worked on her.

A Titanic enthusiast has sent us an update regarding the "Titanic: Birth of a Legend" DVDs. There are releases in two languages available, Hungarian ("Titanic - Egy legenda születése") and German ("Titanic- Geburt einer Legende").

He hasn't seen the Hungarian version, but the German one, and he can't recommend it. Unlike the original documentation - which is quite good and not sensationalist at all - the German version has only one narration voice and the translation seems to be "simplified".

The DVD containing a butchered English version of "Titanic: Birth of  Legend" (most scenes dealing with the political and religious tensions are missing - so it's "Titanic for Dummies") and some other Titanic-documentation which seems to float around some auction websites is illegal. Hands off!

He has also contacted the producers/distribution company/whoever-responsible-for-a- possible-release of the original documentation in the UK, but was informed that there are currently no plans for such a release.